Universal Door Bar
PVC Door Threshold

About Universal Thresholds

This Standard PVC Door Threshold is manufactured with a flexible co-extruded hinge to allow it to be used in various door height situations, the door threshold is decorated with a durable lacquered film that can be matched to any wood or laminate flooring or stone effect as to customer requirements.

Key Points & advantages of a universal Door Threshold

• Suitable for all modern floors: one profile for laminate, veneered and multi-layered floors
• Absolutely no gaps in the height range
• Combination of transition and leveling / reducing profile
• Transition for same level floors from 7-21 mm

• Compensation of height difference with differing floor heights from 0-17 mm
• Adapts automatically in height and inclination
• Mounting rail can be fixed with screws or adhesive
• No screws necessary in the fixing of the covering profile