Polymer Composite Skirting
Foiled Polymer is 100% Recyclable

Retail Manufacturer of Polymer Skirting

This foiled polymer composite skirting will give an excellent finish to any room. It can be fitted using Adhesive or metal spring clips to allow for easy removal and refitting, polymer skirting also has the ability to conceal wiring behind it as show in the diagram making it the perfect choice for any new house build or DIY use.

Polymer skirting can be fitted in a fraction of time it takes to install standard wood or stone & is 100% water proof & shock resistant making it the ideal choice for bathrooms and kitchens.

The fact that the polymer skirting is so easy to cut and shape allows for ambient lighting to be embedded which can produce a stunning flooring effect.

Key Points to Using Polymer Composite Skirting

• Can be fitted using screwed on clips or with adhesive
• Unique Push and Press System
• Optimum adaptation to uneven walls e.g bay windows
• No unsightly gaps
• Steel clips made of spring steel with corrosion protection
• Cable duct for cables up to 7 mm ΓΈ before or after initial installation
• No way for cables to sink down into expansion gap
• Repeated mountain and removal of skirting is possible without the need for any tools
• Can be color matched dependent on order qty
• Can be painted with standard gloss paints
• Made from recycled materials which can be recycled again & again.