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Q: Do you make your own extrusion tooling?
A: We are involved from the outset in the design of all tooling, however we prefer to use different outside specialist toolmakers depending on the complexity of each application.

Q: Where do you manufacture plastic extrusions?
A: I know it’s hard to believe these days that things can actually be manufactured here in the UK, but it’s true. ALL plastic extrusions sold by RAM Extrusion are made in our Worcester factory.

Q: What market sectors do you make extrusion products for?
A: We produce a range of standard extrusion products for the following markets; flooring, weatherseals, acoustic seals and wood replacement profiles and in addition around 40% of our business is customer specific profile extrusion (custom extrusions).

Q: What is plastic extrusion?
A: Plastic extrusion is a profile that has a given cross section shape (two given dimensions, width and height) which can be easily cut to any length. The plastic can be in the form of thermoplastic (heat that affects its characteristics) or thermoset (heat does not affect the characteristics).

Thermoplastics can again be re-grounded and used. Thermosets cannot generally be re-used.

Typical examples of a thermoplastic material include; PVC, Polystyrene, ABS and Polyethylene whilst Urethane, Epoxy, Alkyd and Melamine comes under the category of thermosets.

Q: What are the typical materials used for plastic extrusion by RAM Extrusion?
A: The common materials we use for plastic extrusion are; polystyrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, rigid and flexible PVC, TPE.

Q: What industries do you manufacture plastic extrusions for?
A: The list of industries we produce extrusions for is long and is added to continuously. Currently the list includes automotive, electrical, door and windows, flooring, building, caravan, bath and worktop seals, picture framing, shop fitting, fire protection, tiling and many more.

Q: What information do I need to provide you with to get a quote?
A: We get requests from people with everything from an idea to a full specification with drawings, samples and material. We can handle any type of enquiry but the more information you can give us the better.